Hello guys,

I have been struggling with a problem for as long as I have been building my own decks in cardgames and I’m sure you guys can relate to it. It started with Hearthstone, and later with The Elder Scrolls Legends.

Every time when I had a (rough) idea for a deck, I would race my way to the deckbuilding screen and start adding cards to the deck until I hit the max allowed number. It was only then that I would start to thin the deck by taking out irrelevent cards. I found this to be a rather, suboptimal way of deckbuilding, especially for themed decks.

You see, rather than just filling the deck with cards that seem fine, why not fill the deck with cards that ARE fine? If you have an idea for a deck, why not judge each individual card and see if it fits your theme.

For example, I recently build a Spellsword deck where I wanted to focus on Midrange. Spellsword is ofcourse the perfect pick for this theme, but I found that the deck I created didn’t quite live up to the theme. Why? Because I included some suboptimal cards like Deadly Draugr and Priest of the Moons, I even added Ravenous Hunger! These cards are great cards, but NOT for Midrange. The cards couldn’t live up to the theme of Midrange, which is gaining slight advantages over the course of the game, mainly by trading 1 minion of your own, for 2 of the opponent. By realizing this I thinned my deck to only contain minions that were able to get this precious 2 for 1 value. I removed Deadly Draugr and Ravenous Hunger immediately, and added Kvatch Soldier and Pit Lion to the mix.

So next time you have an idea for a deck, ask yourself, what is the purpose of the deck? And then judge each individual card accordingly. If the card doesn’t fulfill that purpose, it doesn’t go into the deck, simple!

I hope this article gave you some advice to build a strongly synergized, theme focussed deck. Happy deckbuilding!


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